We’d like to come in with a large group…




IN THE BAR: seating is limited, so groups should be limited too (no more than eight). Our bar is open for walk-ins only. We do not reserve tables outside or in the bar. When it is busy, you are welcome to ask the hosts to point out any tables that might be opening soon, but we do not manage seating in the bar area. The bar tables offer full table service and the same menus as the dining room. Order anything you want! If you only want drinks and/or appetizers, you’ve come to the right place (and the correct side of the restaurant)!


NOTE: We can only run one tab per table. We cannot split a tab into “separate checks”. Also, our system can only accommodate a maximum of four forms of payment per table (max, 3 credit cards + cash OR 4 credit cards).


IN THE DINING ROOM:  We appreciate your thinking of La Bodeguita for large celebrations. Unfortunately, our kitchen is really small, so we have an eight-person per party maximum in our dining room. With a credit card deposit on file in advance, we can occasionally accommodate a group as large as 12 for an early seating (all seated by 6:00 p.m. with a two-hour limit). Sorry, we WILL NOT seat groups larger than 12. We are happy to make suggestions for other restaurants in our area that are better equipped to handle larger parties.  The dining room is reserved for those enjoying a full lunch or dinner; if you are interested in coming by for drinks and appetizers, we encourage you to locate a table in the bar area (arrive early—the bar is open at 5:00 p.m. and all afternoon on Fridays).


IN THE DIVAN & ON THE PATIO: We encourage groups of eight or fewer. This is a special space…we like to think of it as an endangered species that we need to respect and protect. The divan and patio are for drinks only (no food is permitted), and all divan and patio guests must be 21 or older with a valid ID. Typically, guests will all check in with the bartender to get drinks. If you are interested in purchasing cigars, one of our staff members will meet you in the walk-in humidor.  A frequent question is... “What is the smoking policy? I thought smoking wasn’t allowed…anywhere...” Due to a completely separate and independent ventilation system in our divan and back patio, cigar and cigarette smoking are allowed in these areas. However, it is against California state law for any of our employees to enter these areas during hours in which smoking is permitted. Therefore, guests are required to return glassware after each round. Sometimes new visitors can be confused or annoyed that service and bussing are not provided. We get it! But please understand that this is in compliance with state law. If you do not wish to return your glasses after each round, you are welcome to join us inside (non-smoking), or visit one of the dozens of bars and restaurants in the area that will bring your drinks to you and take them away when you’re done. For many of our guests, enjoying a cigar is part of what makes a visit to La Bodeguita special, and we are diligent about enforcing our policies, in compliance with California law, in order to keep this unique experience available. Bartenders may deny service to customers who do not respect the rules.


ANOTHER COMMON QUESTION: “Can we have private use of divan and patio area?”


A quick summary is that for a PRIVATE NON-SMOKING GROUP, we can occasionally book for 20 to 25 guests (30 maximum). Please contact us for information on reserving the divan/patio for your private event. We only book the space from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m., and it’s not available for private bookings on Fridays or Sundays. We ask for a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice if you are interested. Everything, including all food and drinks, must be on one tab (no cash/carry drinks). We offer a light or heavy appetizer plan. The space does not accommodate formally seated events or dinners. SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE DIVAN AND PATIO AREA WHEN FOOD AND SERVICE ARE BOOKED.


463 S. California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306

Outside Dining & To-Go


Tuesday - Saturday

4 PM to 9 PM
(may change weekly)

Please arrive wearing a mask.  We accept only a limited number of reservations and are doing our best to be walk-up friendly.

No groups over 6 yet....

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